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We are a sharing Ohana. We hold events, outings, have seats for potlucks and shopping trips.

Anyone who joins us is encouraged to share their resources, a car, a home with one another.

Kama Aina Kona
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Our members may have events at any time. See our timeline to see.

Kama Aina Kona
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This Ohana has been set up for use by YWAM staff and Students in Kona.
it is a private Ohana and you need to ask to join.

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Staying with us.

Kama Aina Kona Where are we and how do you get to us? What sort of accommodation do you offer?

Do you offer airport/train shuttle services?

How many people can you have?

Do you have a preferred day of week for arrival?

Do you have a preferred day of week for departure?

How long do you like people to stay?

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How big is your property?

What you can do while with us

Working with us.

Kama Aina Kona What can you expect to be doing when coming to work with us.

Are you looking for Qualified people? If so what?

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Working With Us

We do not offer working experiences at this time.

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What skills do you train people in?

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Number of Staff for this program

Across how many locations do you offer work

Do you want Professional skills?

How many hours a day are people expected to work?

Do we have to work weekend?

What degree of supervision is there

Do you provide safety equipment?

Do you provide safety training?

Do you offer chapel

Do you offer free wifi?

What emails do you provide.

What type of accommodation to you offer?

Do you provide a Coffee service

Do you provide sheets and bedding?

Do you have a common room?

Do you have laundry facilities?

Do you offer weekend activities?

Do you offer other transportation?