TimeBank, last edited 2019-01-24

TimeBank is an idea where we swap or barter our time with one another.
I give you three hours of cleaning your home and you give me three hours of babysitting.
I give you two hours fixing your computer you give me two hours fixing my car.

All time is considered equal.

So it can go much deeper than just you and me. I give Jenny three hours of time fixing her computer, she gives Drew three hours of time Babysitting, Drew give Meka three hours of time building a kitchen table, (Meka purchased the wood), and Meka gives me three hours of time fixing my car.

The circle is complete, everyone gave three hours of their time and everyone received three hours of someone else's time.

This does not all have to happen in one week.

Let's say Christine gives me eight hours of her time making curtains for my home, I supplied the material and she supplied the time. I now have an eight-hour debt with Christine and she has an eight-hour credit with me.
I now do some work for Alison.
Alison has done some work for Edger.
Edger has done some work for Elsa.
Now Elsa does some work for Christine. A loop is created. The system knows a loop has been created.
There is the possibility that at the end of the work that Elsa does for Christine, we all get 'paid' or rather the debits and credits get written off. 

The Debits look like this:
Tony >8> Christine >4> Elsa >3> Edger >4> Alison