We are in beta. v0.09

Journey does do much yet.
You can register and login and that is about it.
As of November you can search!
As of December things are getting more defined.

2018! Start the year by sharing.
We are looking for Testers, Designers & Programmers.

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What have we done so far?

* You can Register
* Now Create your Ohana
* Edit your Ohana Records
* Search for Ohana
* Create your story in your Ohana
* Search for Ohana Stories.

What we are working on.

There are two main features we are working on right now.

ONE is to allow you as a host to tell people who you are what you do and how people can get in contact with you.
We will be giving you a location where you can put up articles and pictures.
People will be able to search this and then email you directly.

And TWO is to do with the secondary databases that Journey will offer.
For people coming in to Journey, to offer themselves to work this is not a feature they would need.
For people running a small Ohana, this is not a feature they would need either.

BUT for an organization that have staff and accommodation and a transportation department, then these secondary databases become useful.

The first database will be the transportation database.
Do you have vehicles?
Do you have drivers?
Do you have trips?
Do you have departments that need drivers to take vehicles on trips with passengers that need to be billed?
Do you need to manage all these together?
Can you help us make this happen?