Become a True Fan

A True Fan.

As we develop this we are looking for support to help pay the bills.
The plan is to make much of Journey a free registration.
There will be special features that people may want to take advantage of, more for Locations than Travellers.

We host this inside Google

This is a Google App Engine website in development.
The app costs about $100 a month to host
A lot more than that to develop, but that is our contributors as True Fans ourselves.
If you think this is some thing worthwhile, to get behind, we will not say no to a True Fan’s gift.
Let me know if you are interested and we will get in contact with you.
Any amount helps.


The Registration model will go some thing like this:
1 year $10.00
2 year $19.00
3 year $27.00
4 year $34.00
5 year $40.00

Once we get the dbs modules up and running they will be on a month subscription.